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Scooter lamp - Mincia Studio

Scooter lamp

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100% Made in EU Handmade Premium Product!


Wooden  lamp in the shape of a scooter. 

Thanks to LED technology, sleep with the lamp is safe and darkness is no longer terrible. The lamp can stay on all night.


  • 36x42x5,5cm

Composition & Features:

  • material: solid pine wood
  • LED lamps warm white 2.2W
  • AC adapter Input: AC 100-240 Output: DC 24V
  • CE, FCC, RoHS certificates
  • lighting time: approx. 10,000H
  • switch: dimmer on the cable
  • white cable
  • can be hung on the wall


  • All our lamps have replaceable LEDs. Therefore, if your beloved lamp one day stops lighting, you do not have to worry about it! Contact us. Within 12 months the lamp is covered by warranty, you will receive new lamps from us completely free. After a period of 12 months you will be able to buy them in our store. The cost of new led lights is £ 12 plus shipping costs.

The waiting time for the order is approximately 4 weeks.